Escort girl in Hamburg
07 Feb 2021

I believe in wandering and wondering. In connection and the freedom of self-expression. In playfulness and kindness. I believe in the power of uncertainty—finding it to be one of the best ways to expand your perspective, helping you grow and evolve. And because spontaneity and mystery can be sources of great joy, beauty, and wisdom.

I’m an artist, forever optimist, and explorer of the wild natural world in all its variety, beauty, weirdness and elegance. I’m an escort in Hamburg, analog photographer, a music nerd, and have an affinity for ecological design/architecture and permaculture.

I dig musing about the mysteries of the universe, watching old movies, spending way too much time in record stores, and reveling in absurdities.

If you are a kind soul who enjoys much of the same, we’ll get along wonderfully. If you are seeking a little sweetness, an adventure partner, or some irreverent humor, I invite you to get in touch and explore a little deeper.